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What we do

Day in and day out, our team works seamlessly as an extension of yours to cost-effectively manage back office, operations and finance needs. We have you covered with our comprehensive services.

CFO / Financial

Have an expert CFO manage all of your financial services

Socket's CFO and financial services are instrumental in guiding your financial goal clarification, long term planning, and day-to-day business. Our experience as CFO to more than 75 consumer companies gives us a working understanding that's second to none. Socket also provides the analysis, preparation, and delivery of critical reports, models, statements, and business plans required by your officers, partners or prospective investors.

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  • ✓ Financial modeling and forecasting
  • ✓ Financial statement preparation
  • ✓ Specialized and custom reporting
  • ✓ Transaction support (financing, M & A, due dilligence)
  • ✓ Exit strategies
  • ✓ Timely and accurate financial statements
  • ✓ Financial and strategic planning
  • ✓ Business modeling
  • ✓ Profit improvement
  • ✓ Cash flow projections
  • ✓ Working capital improvement
  • ✓ Gross profit optimization
  • ✓ Expense & overhead reduction

Back Office / Operations

Spend more time meeting with new buyers instead of processing orders

  • ✓ Fufillment management (retail, online, international)
  • ✓ Warehousing, logistics & distribution
  • ✓ Customer service
  • ✓ Order processing
  • ✓ Human resources & payroll processing
  • ✓ Procurement, purchasing & contract manufacturing
  • ✓ Sourcing
  • ✓ Inventory management

From cash management and customer service, to managing procurement, suppliers, and inventory, Socket provides leadership and support to the daily details.

Why? So you can spend more time meeting & negotiating with new buyers instead of wasting your valuable time processing orders.

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  • ✓ Fufillment management (retail, online, international)
  • ✓ Warehousing, logistics & distribution
  • ✓ Customer service
  • ✓ Order processing
  • ✓ Human resources & payroll processing
  • ✓ Procurement, purchasing & contract manufacturing
  • ✓ Sourcing
  • ✓ Inventory management

Payment Processing & Productivity Reporting

Let us handle all of your non-revenue producing tasks

Socket, manages employee on-boarding, time sheet management, payment processing, scheduling, budgeting and productivity reporting for in-store selling, merchandising and training staff through its proprietary online system.

Socket assumes full operational and legal responsibility for payroll, tax reporting, compliance, worker’s comp insurance and other related employment liabilities, while you retain day-to-day control over your staff.

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  • ✓ Tools for scheduling and budgeting your in store staff, by day, time, retailer and door.
  • ✓ A global calendar showing where in-store staff is scheduled at any time across all customers.
  • ✓ Paperless timesheet systems customizable to meet your needs.
  • ✓ Paperless timesheet approval and processing submittal system.
  • ✓ Detailed profitability reportings is processed with sales reported by the employee and/or the sales provided by retailer.
  • ✓ Comprehensive expense and profitability reporting, actual versus budget for any time period. Reports can be created, filtered and viewed by the following levels:
    - Employee
    - Retailer
    - Door
    - Territory
    - Globally

Client Testimonials

"Socket has been an invaluable partner to us at True Botanicals - from early stages of our company to phases of accelerated growth.  Every person on the  Socket team is incredibly dedicated, diligent, and functions as a true partner, with a sense of ownership and shared accountability for our business.  My finance team and I can always count on Socket to deliver sound, technical, and analytical reports in a timely manner, and always with great conscientiousness and enthusiasm." - Sandy Saputo, CEO True Botanicals.

“As a new to world start-up brand, Socket has been an incredible partner to us.  There are enough challenges involved with starting a new brand in a new category in beauty to have to worry about the back-office functions.  Socket is essentially an extension of our company without the heavy burden of full time headcount costs.  The team is highly knowledgeable, super responsive, great to work with, and truly a valued business partner.  I can’t even imagine where we would be without Socket!” – Rochelle Weitzner,  CEO/Founder

"The team at Socket have played a critical ‘behind the scenes’ role for Booty Parlor for nearly 10 years. Each member of their team is a highly trained expert and they consistently deliver invaluable knowledge and expertise. Their dedication and commitment to operational excellence allows our sales and marketing team to focus on growth opportunities with confidence.” – Charlie Myers, CEO/Founder.

“Parfums de Marly created its US subsidiary 3 years ago.  Socket has been on our side since day one. Thanks to their professionalism and support, it gives us the time to focus on business development which is essential to succeed.  Socket shows a great adaptability in their organization to match our business trend requirement.  We consider the Socket team as member of our own team." – Yvan Jacqueline, Managing Director

“Socket has been the backbone to my company, Babo botanicals the professional and knowledgeable staff exceed excellence in all back-office responsibilities and have a passion for serving clients and growing brands. I recommend them to all brands because they can support, structure and advise companies with warehousing, logistics customer service and financial analyses. Socket is one main reason our brand has grown so quickly. They have allowed our internal team to focus on sales, marketing, distribution and product development.” - Kate Solomon, Founder, Babo Botanicals

“Viridian spirits, founders of lucid absinthe, retained socket and Matt Wenzler in 2007. Socket took over all of our financial functions, and matt acted as our outside CFO. In addition to keeping accurate books and managing receivables and payables through the turbulent times of the recession, matt helped create a complex business model of the company’s operations that served as the foundation of all of our budgeting and financial planning until we sold the brand in 2013. Matt has become an expert in the economics and finances of the spirits industry. He is now working with the management team on a new venture. Investors have already remarked at the sophistication of his models. We recommend socket without reservation.” - Jared Gurfein, co-founder, Viridian Spirits

“Working with socket is one of the best decisions we have made at vbeauté. The socket team works as a seamless extension of ours covering functions that are wide such as the CFO function, purchasing, sourcing, payroll and customer service functions just to name a few. We could not run our company without the extensive knowledge of the socket professionals, who act as part of the vbeauté family. We actually see ourselves as one big vbeauté family, not two separate companies- which is the best testimonial I can give.” - Julie Macklowe, vbeauté

“Socket has and continues to be an incredibly efficient, effective and supportive resource for our company. I’ve worked with socket for more than 10 years now, and across multiple businesses, and their retail experience is second to none. Having them on our team is critical to success and has undoubtedly given us an advantage in the market.” - Josh Shaw, founder and president, Mission Athletecare

“In the past 7 years, I have worked directly with Socket Managed Services as they manage Ren inventory, finance, payroll, logistics and all admin services necessary to make Ren Skincare a success in the us. The team at Socket is always available to assist in resolving any and all managed services needs of our brand. I highly recommend Matt Wenzler and his team at Socket as the “go to” service for growing your business to the next level.” - Mary Taylor Coons, Ren Skincare